2016 Statistics

In 2016, Distress Centre provided support for 113,975 people.

486 highly trained volunteers
48,653 call centre volunteer hours


  • In 2016, we continued to expand and enhance the scope and delivery of Distress Centre's high quality volunteer training program. A module on anti-oppressive practice, focusing on creating a culture of equity and inclusion, was provided for all staff and volunteers.
  • Our high-quality volunteer and staff training program has been sought out by community members and organizations for many years. This continued desire for Distress Centre's specialized knowledge brought a focus this past year on developing fee-for-service training.
113,975 contacts (calls, emails, chats, texts and counselling sessions)

Everyone Is Heard

  • We experienced a 10% increase in crisis calls, chats, texts and emails from 2015, and a 3% increase in overall contact volume.
75,215 Crisis calls
666 Emergency interventions

Crisis Line

  • Despite the fact we were operating at 6% under capacity we were able to maintain a benchmark of 75% of our calls being answered within 20 seconds by adding an additional volunteer shift in the evenings on Saturday & Sunday.
  • 96% of callers felt listened to.
27,570 calls and follow-ups


  • 90% of callers surveyed reported having a better understanding of their needs because they made the call.
  • We added chat service in May in response to the Fort McMurray fires.
  • 211 Calgary was utilized to support the influx of new Syrian Refugees to Calgary by collecting volunteer and donation needs and directing them to the appropriate community agency.
3,789 Chat sessions
875 Email sessions
907 Text sessions

Online Support

  • Funding was obtained and will be allocated to the planned expansion of online services. When implemented, we hope to increase our service hours from 10pm-2am daily in 2017.
  • We expanded our online service hours on weekdays, holidays and weekends to meet the growing demand of online services.
843 calls
771 chats
907 texts
63 emails


  • In 2016, we had 46 active ConnecTeen volunteers, and increase of 9.5% from 2015
  • Each of our volunteers is between the ages of 15-20 and commits to four 5-hour shifts each month
2,707 Counselling and Basic Needs Funding (BNF) sessions


  • 734 unique individuals were served through a recorded intake process
  • 32 individuals and 38 families received financial support through the BNF Program
  • 664 received professional counselling.

We created Distress Centre Today E-newsletter which we sent out to our stakeholders. Through photos, links to stories and events we found a way to keep people informed on what was happening at Distress Centre.

Thanks to the generosity of our partners and donors, we responded to 113,975 contacts in 2016.